Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm Back!!

So I have not been on the blog for a long while.  Many things have happened and I have begun a new journey in my life.  You might have noticed I changed the name of the blog, that is because it will not only focus on fashion anymore.  I am starting a new journey into a new field of work.  I will be very busy because I am still going to be working in electronics but I will also be learning about esthetics and make up.  I am still very into fashion and I recently became a Brand Ambassador for the wonderful company   I will be doing reviews on different products I use and I will be posting different tips and tricks as I learn them along the way!  I will be busy so I will most likely not post daily but I will be posting weekly if not more!  I hope that you all enjoy my post and I am happy to be back to blogging!!  Stay tuned for posts, contests, and giveaways!!

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